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A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend.
Author Unknown
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About Pomegranate Books CONTACT US Additional information on our FAQs page Pomegranate Books, the largest independent bookstore in Wilmington, NC, opened in 2005 in t...
Frequently Asked Questions More about Pomegranate Books Do you special-order books? Yes! We special order books for customers all of the time. You may pick the book(s) up at t...
Map & Directions About Pomegranate Books Pomegranate Books is located at the corner of Park Kerr Avenues in Wilmington, NC. Look for the little white house with the ...
Sign up with Pomegranate and get $5.00 back Feed your reader and shop local at the same time! Open a Kobo account via the Pomegranate Kobo page and load your Apple, Nook, Kobo or Android device....
Vote for Pomegranate in the Encore Best of Wilmington It's that time again! Time to vote for the Encore Publications "Best of Wilmington 2011" Be sure to visit the Encore ballot here. ht...